A Fortnite Movie From Epic Games Might Be In The Works

A Fortnite Movie By Epic Games Might Be In The Works
Image: Epic Games

As part of the Epic Games entertainment division, the video game developer and publisher has plans to make a movie on Fortnite. As reported by The Information, the people familiar with the information said that Epic plans to launch an entertainment division with a focus on scripted video programming.

The news comes amid Epic’s legal battle with Apple. Things aren’t going well for Epic and the company’s revenues are also being hit, some of which can be owed to its inability to expand to iOS and Android devices. However, the decision to expand to the entertainment sector could help Epic revitalize some of its revenue.

Epic’s entry to the video entertainment industry

As reported, a Fortnite movie is already been discussed at Epic. Meanwhile, it’s possible that planning for the Epic Games entertainment division began following the hiring of various former LucasFilm employees.

The employees include Jason McGatlin, former VP of Physical Production, now President of Special Projects at Epic Games. Meanwhile, other former LucasFilm employees include Lynn Bartsch, Epic Games’ Head of Business Affairs and Chris Furia, Epic Games’ VP of Production Finance. McGatlin, who heads the secret projects at Epic, was the executive producer of all the Star Wars films released under Disney.

Talking about the movie, Epic has a variety of themes to choose from since a Fortnite movie can be webbed in various ways. Mainly because Fortnite has introduced the majority of TV and movie characters; not to mention, Fortnite’s own characters’ popularity is off the charts with the sale of countless action figures and merchandise.

In addition, since Fortnite’s universe has expanded and spanned over multiple seasons, it’s practically easier for Epic to create a Fortnite movie featuring multiple characters from the game. However, it’s still too early to comment on anything about what to expect from a movie on Fortnite.

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