Less Than 10% of iPhone Users Are Upgrading To iPhone 14; Are You?

The interest is dwindling due to lack of innovation!

Are You Buying The iPhone 14
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iPhone 14 lineup has been in rumors for quite some time. Some leaks gave an idea of what we could expect from this year’s iPhone. The most notable feature among the leaks was a new notch design which could be an industry-first for iPhone. In addition, the 48-megapixel back camera and the possibility of an Always-On display are also music to the ears.

But according to a study, the current iPhone users aren’t keen on upgrading to the latest smartphone lineup from Apple, which will be announced today. Yes, it is hard to believe that there is dwindling excitement related to the new iPhone because it is the largest revenue-generating machine for Apple.

Is Apple iPhone 14 enticing enough?

Ben Treanor from Time2Play conducted a study to determine how eager Apple loyalists were to buy the new iPhone. Well, the numbers turned out disappointing because only 9.5% said that they would definitely upgrade to an iPhone 14 model.

That leaves out a sizeable chunk of current-gen iPhone users who think it is best not to upgrade. The study goes on to reveal that 58.8% are definitely not upgrading to the new iPhone 14 lineup. Out of this, 64% feel that Apple isn’t rolling out products with innovation like it used to.

Because of this, users are planning to skip the iPhone 14 altogether. Pricing of the new iPhone will play a major part in this reducing adoption rate. Loyalists aren’t willing to empty their pockets for made-in-USA phones.

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USB Type-C and no notch are among the most desired characteristics form a new iPhone. Apple has decided to trim the notch this year, but for your information, it now has a MacBook with a notch. The USB Type-C port isn’t a possibility on the iPhone in the U.S. unless the authorities inflict a rule like the EU.

Moreover, there will be only two phone sizes in the iPhone 14 lineup this year. Mini will bite the dust, and there will only be four models this year. Two of them will supposedly run the A15 Bionic chip, which might be another reason why users are planning to stick to their current phones.

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