Geek Builds 8-Bit Computer From Scratch And Explains How Every Part Works


Short Bytes: Breadboard computers are an excellent way to learn computer basics and the working of CPUs. Maker Ben Eater has documented his work on programmable 8-bit breadboard computer in the form of YouTube videos. You can find the design and procedure on his website and YouTube channel to create your own 8-bit computer from the scratch.

Ben Eater is a maker who loves to create videos about electronics, networking, computers, etc. He’s currently working on creating a complete series of videos detailing a programmable computer from simple logic gates on breadboards.

He aims to help the enthusiasts with no prior knowledge build their own computers and know about them in a better way. Eater has documented the whole project in a series of YouTube videos.

Here’s the introduction of his 8-bit computer video series:

On his website, he has also listed all the parts for building the breadboard computer. The overall cost depends on what breadboard you use and shipping. Roughly, it turns out to be $150-$200.

Some of you might question the practical use of such projects, but they are really helpful in understanding the computer basics and how a CPU works.

If you’re willing to create your own breadboard computer, feel free to visit Eater’s YouTube channel and website.

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