7 Powerful Machines That Make Big Tasks A Piece Of Cake

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As humans make rapid progress in technology, cutting-edge machines are making their way into various fields of work. When it comes to high-intensity labor, these powerful machines greatly help us in getting things done with remarkable convenience.

From crushing rocks into smithereens to lifting up tons of goods, today’s technology can perform numerous difficult tasks dexterously. In this list, we tell you about some of the most sophisticated machines available at the moment.

Powerful Machines Used In Various Industries

1. ROCKSGONE Reefinator

rocksgone reefinator

The Reefinator from Australian firm ROCKSGONE is a blessing for farmers who work on shallow stretches of land. It pulverizes the big rocks into small pieces to make sure they don’t obstruct the tractor, and hence, some essential farming practices. Additionally, breaking up large rocks improves the depth, which in turn, allows the soil to hold moisture and nutrients better.

2. Material handler

material handler volvo
Image: Volvo

A material handler is a sturdy machine that is a staple in warehouses. It picks up and moves heavy goods so that they can be sent to the right destination. From shipment containers to timber, a material handler facilitates the process of transportation of various things. Needless to say, they are immensely important for business logistics.

3. Slag transporter

Image: kamag

Playing with fire is a big no-no, but not for the slag transporter. It is a special vehicle that carries slag — an extremely hot waste produced from smelting. Moreover, it is a crucial part of the vehicle fleet found in steel mills. Without this machine, it wouldn’t be possible to dump high-temperature waste in designated pits.

4. Drum mulcher

Image: Diamond Mowers

A drum mulcher grinds and shreds objects into small pieces. It is a great way to clear obstacles in a dense area for various projects. For doing its work, it relies on a horizontal rotating drum sporting many teeth-like protrusions. This drum can be put to work in multiple ways depending on the target object.

5. Wrecking ball

Image: MDDeptPublicSafety YouTube channel

The wrecking ball has been around in the construction industry for around a century. It isn’t technically a machine but a heavy steel ball, suspended from a crane, that is used to demolish buildings and other structures. Over time, as more efficient methods of demolition have arrived, wrecking balls have become less common. Nonetheless, they still remain one of the most powerful ways to go about destroying stuff.

6. Dynamic soil compaction

dynamic soil compaction
Image: ResearchGate

Unlike other entries, a dynamic soil compaction machine works for sustaining structures rather than destroying them. To be more precise, it is a machine used for compacting the soil so that, when an earthquake strikes, nearby buildings can stay intact.

Coming to its body, the dynamic soil compaction machine consists of a heavy, disc-shaped weight hanging from a crane. Furthermore, the crane keeps consistently dropping the weight from a height to compact the soil on specific nodes in an area. Also, it takes between one to two weeks for the compaction process to finish.

7. Trencher machine

Image: Designing Buildings

A trencher machine digs up trenches on land and finds its use in various fields. Farmers employ it for setting up water pipelines, electricity providers use it for laying down cables, and the military relies on it for creating strategic trenches. This machine involves a crane that has a chainsaw-like attachment which is basically a conveyor belt equipped with sharp projections. Depending on the task at hand, you can choose among different sizes of a trencher machine.

All these powerful machines are the epitome of peak engineering and high-end technology. These inventions have revolutionized the way we do the most difficult of tasks. By the way, while you are here, why not check out the most powerful military weapon that no one uses and a novel way of shooting rockets into space.

Priye Rai

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