7 Awesome Facebook Features That You Don’t Use In Daily Life


FACEBOOK AWESOME FEATURES THAT YOU DONT USEFacebook is like the morning cup of coffee for most of us. We wake up with one thumb on our smartphone screens and begin scrolling through the News Feed well before the first ray of light falls on our retina.

Most of us boast the knowledge we have about Facebook and its features. There are some Facebook features which we might not know or don’t feel the need to use. These are great and make our Facebook life smoother. Let’s have a look at these Facebook features:

Search for friends in your vicinity

Platform: App
Facebook offers a handy feature which helps in finding your friends in the current locality. It is very useful when you go to a new place and want check who you can hang out with. The only important thing is that you will have to turn on location history in the Facebook app, allowing them to keep a record of your location on the regular basis. If you’ve no problem regarding that, then, you can give it a go.

Find Places nearby

Platform: App
You can search for restaurants, hotels, cafes, nightclubs, and art museums right within your Facebook app by using Nearby Places feature. Well, there are other apps like Zomato out there but it does add an extra credit to our blue networking app.

Save links for later reading

Platform: App and desktop
If you have a tortoise-like internet connection or don’t have the time to read posts in your News Feed, then, you can save the ones you want to read later. Tap the down arrow on the upper right corner of the post and select Save Link.

On this day feature

Platform: App and desktop
Personally, I feel this feature is useless but it has made me nostalgic a few times. Facebook keeps an eye on your profile and shows photos from the past that happened on that particular day.

See what’s trending

Platform: App and desktop
Facebook releases trends about various topics and people based on the popularity they gather. The Trending lists are personalized to incorporate the topics you like and what’s trending all along Facebook. You can see the trending list in the upper right side of the News Feed. In the app version of Facebook, you have to open the Trending app present in the apps section.

Activity Log

Platform: App and desktop
This Facebook feature displays the history of all the things you’ve done on your Facebook account. If you have a habit of leaving your Facebook account open, then it will save you if someone tries to embarrass you by making inappropriate posts. You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself, do you?

Profile picture as emoticon

Platform: App and desktop
Emoticons let you express yourself and say something that can’t be expressed through words. You can also use your or someone else’s profile picture as an emoticon. All you need to do is copy their profile ID from the URL and type like this [[profile id]] and press Enter. For example, [[1750382231]]


Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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