7 Best Upcoming Mobile Games In 2022 & Beyond

Some well established PC titles are coming to mobile.


The era of mobile games has just begun. And while the mobile gaming industry owes its rise to the introduction of PUBG to the mobile, along with other titles like Call of Duty Mobile and now Apex Legends Mobile. However, there’s more to mobile gaming than just PUBG mobile or COD mobile. In this article, we’ll be talking about what we think would be the 7 best upcoming mobile games that are sure to change the genre forever for mobile gamers.

Indeed the number of upcoming mobile games we will cover in this article are already present on other platforms. In addition, these games are considered some of the best to have come out in recent years. With that in mind, these upcoming mobile titles will surely make a mark on mobile gaming and prove to be some of the best in mobile games.

7 Best upcoming mobile games

1. Valorant Mobile

valorant mobile best upcoming mobile game
Image: Riot Games

Valorant is one game that changed the face of FPS gaming for decades when it launched for PC in 2020. Since its launch, Valorant’s popularity has gone up only, with rumors of a mobile game in the works for some time. However, Riot confirmed last year that the developer aims to bring Valorant to mobile devices.

Given the news, there’s still little to no information about the upcoming Valorant mobile; how the game will look, will it draw many similarities from its PC counterpart, or will Valorant mobile be in a league of its own. Whatever the case may be, we know that Riot sure knows how to make an amazing game, and we expect nothing less from Valorant mobile.

Release: No official release date yet. (Expected in 2023)

2. Call of Duty: Warzone (COD: Project Aurora)

cod warzone mobile
Image: Activision

News of a COD mobile Warzone in the works was in the air long before Activision announced that it was working on a new mobile title. At the same time, the official name of the upcoming and under-the-works mobile game is not yet announced. For the time being, it’s called Project Aurora. However, at this point, it’s easy to figure out that the title will be a Warzone-like game for mobile devices.

For a long time, fans have wanted Activision to introduce Warzone-like features to COD mobile, evolving the game further. Meanwhile, Activision had plans of its own. That being said, if the developers manage to make the mobile title close to its PC and console counterpart, COD mobile Warzone or whatever the game might be called is sure to come out as the best mobile game of the year it is launched.

Release: No official release date yet. (Expected in 2022)

3. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is an upcoming title in the series specifically made for mobile gamers; the game was developed by Applibot. While the game is scheduled for a worldwide release in 2022, the specific date is not yet revealed.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be a single-player story campaign featuring the timeline of Final Fantasy VII and the Compilation. In addition, Square Enix has planned to release Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis in monthly installments. Given all that, we’re hopeful FF VII: Ever Crisis will be one of the best mobile games of 2022 or the year it comes out.

Release: 2022

4. Total War Battles: Warhammer

From the long-running series of Total War games, Total War Battles: Warhammer is one of the best games in the series; considering it’s an upcoming mobile game, we sure are excited about it. At the same time, the history of strategy games on mobile devices has not been so bright; however, we’re hopeful a game like Total War: Warhammer might change that.

That being said, this upcoming mobile game is not developed by the original developer but by NetEase. For those unaware, NetEase is the name behind games like Diablo Immortal, Identity V, Marvel Duel, and many other mobile games. Furthermore, we still have no information on Total War Battles: Warhammer’s release date on mobile.

Release: No official release date yet.

5. Rainbow Six Mobile

Another long-running PC and console title is set to make its debut on mobile devices. Rainbow Six Mobile is an upcoming mobile title that will run in the league of the best mobile games upon its launch. While the game has garnered much popularity since its announcements, owing to its large fan base.

Rainbow Six Mobile doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the game did go into the alpha testing period sometime back and is sure to hold another alpha sometime soon. Meanwhile, you can sign up for any future beta testing of Rainbow Six Mobile through the game’s official website.

Release: No official release date yet.

6. Path of Exile Mobile


The RPG genre could never amass the popularity it has gathered on other platforms. That being said, Path of Exile is one game that has seen constant updations and new content from the developer to keep it fresh and keep the players engaged. At the same time, Path of Exile Mobile is being developed in-house.

What this means is that the game might turn out to be more than a mere mobile RPG and might be the dawn of the genre’s success on mobile devices. Path of Exile mobile could be the next best upcoming mobile game you were looking for.

Release: No official release date yet. (Expected in late 2022)

7. Rogue Company Mobile

rogue company best upcoming mobile game
Screengrab: Rogue Company

For those unaware, Rogue Company is a third-person shooter that came out in 2020. While the game didn’t see a surge in popularity upon its release, it maintained a steady pace. Meanwhile, as every other PC and console title is in the race to launch their titles to mobile, Rogue Company is not far behind. Meanwhile, interested players can also join the beta testing for Rogue Company mobile by registering on the game’s official website.

Release: No official release date yet. (Expected in 2023)

Best upcoming mobile games 2022 & beyond: Wrapping up

With that, we come to the end of this listicle, and these are some of the best upcoming mobile games coming in 2022 and beyond. While we’re sure that we’ve left some of the games out of this list, mainly since we wanted to keep the list short. To our readers, do let us know which game are you looking forwards to the most. Lastly, we’ll make sure to edit the list if there’s an addition to the list or when any of the games mentioned above are released.

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