56 Hackers Arrested in Anti-cybercrime Operations – “Strike Week”


According to the UK authorities, 56 hackers have been arrested across England, Wales and Scotland with accusations of carrying out anti-cybercrime operations. UK’s National Crime Agency arrested these 56 hackers as a part of their “strike week” to curb the cyber crime menace.

These arrests were made as a result of 25 operations and the alleged cyber criminals are suspected of being involved in fraud, data theft and virus writing.

As the name suggests, this operation was spread over a span of seven days and was coordinated by the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) of NCA. These raids were also supported by the special officers from the Metropolitan Police and regional organized crime teams.

BBC reports that a suspected hacker was arrested in Leeds and he’s suspected to be a part of the Lizard Squad Gang which was responsible for defaming Xbox and Playstation networks this Christmas. Another hacker is believed to be a part of D33Ds group which was behind the 2012 attack on Yahoo and theft of 400,000 email and passwords.

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In a statement release, NCA lists the following reasons for arrests.

– Network intrusion and data theft from multinational companies and government agencies,

– Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

– Cyber-enabled fraud

– Malicious software and virus development

Follow this link to see the complete list of arrests.

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