5 Times Daredevil Was Different In She-Hulk Than Netflix’s Daredevil

Here's how Daredevil was different in She-Hulk.

5 Times Daredevil Was Different In She-Hulk Than Marvel's Daredevil
Image: Marvel

When the MCU teased that Daredevil would appear in She-Hulk, Marvel fans’ excitement was through the roofs. Especially the fans who’ve watched Marvel’s Daredevil have been waiting for the vigilante’s return since 2018. However, many fans were left disappointed when they realized that the Daredevil appearance in She-Hulk is not the same as the one they saw on the Netflix show. On that note, we’re here to indicate 5 details where Netflix’s Daredevil is different from the Daredevil appearing on Disney+’s She-Hulk.

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For those who haven’t watched Netflix’s Daredevil, you should. While Netflix’s Daredevil might not be precisely true to his comic book origins. However, the show set a tone for the Marvel superhero that absolutely suits the character. The dark and grim tone portrayed the black-masked superhero as a force to fear. However, as with all Marvel characters, MCU has tried taking more of a comedic tone, which is what it did to Daredevil as well. Which, as so happens, didn’t sit well with some of the fans of Netflix’s Daredevil.

Meanwhile, as many fans might’ve noticed, including the new costume and extended acrobatic action sequences, there are some differences that Daredevil in She-Hulk has when compared to the Netflix show.

5 times when Netflix’s Daredevil was different from the one appearing on Disney+’s She-Hulk

5. A New Suit

daredevil new suit red and gold
Image: Marvel

The very first thing that She-Hulk teased about Matthew Murdock being on the show was his new thread from Luke Jacobson. Unlike the ones we saw in Daredevil, which had the character wearing the iconic black and red costume, this version that we saw in She-Hulk had him wearing his red and gold costume from the comic era.

While the new costume is the exact same as the little devil horns, it is just that some fans preferred the less flashy red and black costume from the previous show. For the uninitiated, the red and gold color scheme is a tribute to the classic red and yellow colored suit that Daredevil sported in his early Marvel comics years.

4. Not on his own turf

hells kitchen netflix daredevil
Image: Marvel

Well, not exactly what one might call a big difference between the two versions of Daredevil. Interestingly, the producers have also spoken about how both versions of Daredevil, appearing on She-Hulk and Netflix, are the same. While in his own show, Matthew Murdock, an attorney by day and masked vigilante by night, operated on his home turf of Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s kitchen, the heat of New York’s crime bosses, which Mr. Murdock defended with the help of other defenders.

Meanwhile, in Disney+’s She-Hulk, we saw Daredevil away from New York and in the heart of Los Angeles. As to the question of why Daredevil was seen away from his home is for one that the superhero was there to defend his client-cum-costume maker Luke in court. Furthermore, to pick up his new red and gold costume from Luke Jacobson. After all the fighting and saving Luke from Leapfrog and hooking up with the She-Hulk, Mr. Murdock catches the next flight back home.

3. More light-hearted than before

quippy marvel daredevil
Image: Marvel

Talking about how Netflix’s Daredevil is different than that from the one appearing in She-Hulk, there’s one more point. Fans of the Netflix series found that the character is much more light-hearted than it was back in the series. While this is true, one thing to note here is that Daredevil has not always been a serious character as portrayed by the Netflix show.

In Marvel comics, Daredevil has had his moments of being funny and light-hearted. However, joking in between fights is something that is new to the fans. A typical MCU thing. To think about it, MCU has been notorious for putting one-liners in fight scenes since its dawn.

2. Quippy one-liners

one liners matthew murdock
Image: Marvel

The Daredevil we all saw and became fans of in the Netflix show never would’ve never gone with one-liners. However, the one in Disney+‘s She-Hulk is rolling with the one-liners like every other MCU character. MCU fans are aware that almost all characters’ lines have one-liners. Thanks to the setting of the MCU, some of the original Marvel comic characters have taken a different tone altogether.

However, we do not completely agree with the fans here. Since Matthew Murdock has never shied away from being funny, even before She-Hulk. That being said, the Daredevil we saw in She-Hulk probably has gone a little too far with his quirkiness, which sometimes didn’t sit well with the character, as many fans pointed out.

1. Boost in powers

boosted powers she-hulk
Image: Marvel

Netflix’s Daredevil has one of the best action scenes of any TV series, hands down, and the comparison can also be taken to Marvel movies. As opposed to the Netflix show, in She-Hulk, the character appears to have gained a sudden boost in powers, whereas his action sequences seem more to the likes of the ones we’ve seen in the comic books.

In Netflix’s Daredevil, the character had more grounded action sequences, which in turn made the fighting look realistic. However, in She-Hulk, Daredevil jumps around and over obstacles which appear as if his physical powers are boosted. And how can we go on talking about the action sequences of Netflix’s Daredevil without talking about all the hallway fights? Those are some of the best action scenes of Daredevil ever. Which we sadly couldn’t see in She-Hulk, thanks to the hulk smash.

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