5 Sci-Fi Technologies You Didn’t Know Already Exist Around You


Short Bytes: Most of us think that science fiction (Sci-Fi) is only confined to movies, books, and people’s imagination. But within the course of time, we didn’t realize that some of the Sci-Fi technologies actually became reality. Here are 5 Sci-Fi technologies that already exist in the real world.

The science fiction (Sci-Fi) is a genre to depict human imagination of the futuristic and sometimes hard to achieve technologies in movies and other forms of entertainment media. Many of our novels from the past and the advent of photography and videography technologies have showcased various gadgets, humanoid robots, space travels, time travels, etc. Most of these things do not actually exist the real world. Maybe because we are technologically backward to actually create such things.

Movie series Star Wars has depicted the existence of extraterrestrial life. We have also seen robots with human-like consciousness in Chappie. In the movie, an armor-plated attack robot starts understanding human emotions after his creator does some changes in his code. In reality, it might take years for our robots to understand us.

Sci-Fi technologies seem to be a thing of the future. We didn’t release that we’re living in the future and many of the Sci-Fi technologies actually exist around us:

1. Star Trek Communicator  –> Mobile Phone

Image: Bloomberg

Early Sci-Fi flicks and tv shows of the often featured actors using some sort of devices to wirelessly talk to each other over long distances. For instance, the Communicator from Star Trek. We already use these communication devices and call them mobile phones. Yes, the future tech of the past has become a necessity for the common people now. And it is available as cellular phones. A popular name is a smartphone.

Interestingly, the Star Trek Communicator was actually more advanced that our modern smartphones. It didn’t rely on satellites to establish communication between the starships.

2. Fingerprint And Eye Scanners –> Biometrics

Image: Wikipedia

Remember those movies featuring secret locations of security agencies which could only be accessed using fingerprint recognition or by scanning the face of a person. Now, do you feel anything special when your laptop scans your face to check whether you are the owner or not? It only allows you to access it if you’re worthy enough or you’re a hacker.

Other than fingers, there were eye scanners. Steven Spielberg’s Minority report showed Tom Cruise replacing his eyes to hide his real identity. He also kept his original eye so that he could get past the eye scanner system. But that’s not possible in the real world even if you manage to remove your eyes or fingers. This is because modern eye scanners can detect whether the eye is alive or dead.

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3. Batmobile –> Autonomous Cars

Image: Flickr

There was a Batmobile in the 1960s Batman tv series. Batman used a remote control to call it to pick him up. We could think of it as a self-driving car. The 2002 Tom Cruise movie Minority Report also featured a self-driving car which was custom designed by Lexus. Though, in reality, the car was a computer-controlled vehicle which also had manual driving options. Now, we have the Google Self-driving cars and the Tesla Model S with the autopilot feature.

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4. Food Replicator –> 3D Printers

Image: Foodini/Natural Machines

I can easily recall The Jetsons and their amazing tech devices. How their machines threw food at the press of a button. And now, we have 3D printers which can be used to make houses, bicycles, prosthetic limbs, etc. We can expect a food making 3D printer in the coming years.

Barcelona-based Natural Machines is working on a 3D printer that can throw delicious dishes at the push of a button. Known as Foodini, the 3D food printer is based on an open capsule model in which the user has to put ingredients inside the capsule and place it inside Foodini. It’ll figure out the rest.

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5. Rosie – The Robot Maid –> Robots

Image: Ex Machina Movie/FilmGrabber

Another Jetsons tech was Rosie, the robot maid. Self-sufficient robots have been visualized in movies since the early 1900s. But no one would have thought that the robots would actually come to reality and will have human-like characteristics. Thanks to the development of AI that these robots can interact almost like normal humans. But it’s a long road for them to understand human emotions. Movies like Ex Machina  are a significant depiction of the advancement in robotics and AI. We can’t say that the technology could overpower us or not.

Like its self-driving cars, Google also works on the development of humanoid robots. A Google subsidiary named Boston Dynamics has made a number of humanoid robots. ATLAS is one of their robots which is very popular. Unveiled in 2013, the DARPA-funded 6ft robot is efficient in performing search and rescue tasks. ATLAS can also perform household chores.

Bonus: Transformers


Yes, the Transformers are real. And they’re available by the name Letrons. A Turkey-based company Letvision has churned out a product from its R&D mill. They’ve modified a BMW 3-Series into an Autobot. Letrons can’t be compared to the original Transformers but, at least, it exists.

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