5 Reasons Why Hiring ExtJs Developers Will Grow Your Business

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This blog will explain why hiring ExtJS developers can help you quickly grow your product and business. 

Before all that, let’s go over what ExtJS is better to understand the different aspects of ExtJS Developer’s handle.

For context, ExtJS started in 2006-07, when the idea of single page application (SPA) was booming and Internet Explorer was the most dominating web browser. 

ExtJS is an enterprise-grade JavaScript framework used to develop responsive web, mobile, and even desktop applications. 

It’s based on a model-view-controller(MVC)/model-view-view model (MVVM).

It also has a great library of UI components, more than 140, through which developers can create cross-platform applications for desktop and mobile with the same codebase. 

Now let’s look at how hiring ExtJS developers can benefit you, your team, and the product.

1. Development speed

ExtJS is called an enterprise-grade JavaScript framework for a reason. 

Huge enterprises are expected to have extensive requirements even just for an internal tool for maintaining internal data and documents of products, employees, and clients and keeping everything easily accessible.

Building an application of this scale from scratch would be a nightmare—more so if it needs to be updated frequently. 

This is when ExtJS comes into play. With even a small team of ExtJS developers, a website of this scale can be built very quickly, especially when you need to handle data of this scale on the front end.

Thanks to ExtJS’s extensive library of robust, customizable UI components and widgets, it’s almost equivalent to plug and play. So developers can get the MVP out quickly and build new features upon it quickly, elements like grids, forms, message boxes, charts, progress bars, and many more.

This helps a lot when working with external clients as most clients would kill for an on-time delivery, which ExtJS can help the team achieve, allowing more time to stress test and polish other aspects of the project. 

This might also end up helping the team cut costs on development due to needing less time to build repeated UI components, and they display logic every time a new project is created.

2. One complete framework

ExtJS is a framework, not a library, that attempts to provide a complete solution to a problem like building a web or app application, unlike most libraries that provide solutions to a part of a problem or a smaller subproblem. 

Thanks to its great library of components and their display logic, ExtJS developers don’t need to dabble with trying to make four different UI libraries work together in a single project.

Since all the components are prebuilt and part of the same framework, maintaining consistent styling across the page is way more manageable, and they all can be combined and work smoothly together with no hassle required. 

The developer can map all components using a data source to use a single source of data, such as a  datastore, through which a single change in one place on the database will update all the UI components. 

These components can also be used with CURD operations for feeding and maintaining data in a single source.

3. Quick prototyping

We have a good idea about how ExtJS developers can pump their development speed while maintaining a uniform, responsive design that supports data-intensive use cases. 

Thanks to ExtJS being a one-stop solution even for enterprise-level applications, ExtJS developers are very efficient at quickly converting new ideas to an MVP product. 

You get to contribute your thoughts to the market before everyone else to get some quick feedback with the working prototype that will help analyze the needs and demands of the market.

4. Support from company and community

Thanks to the fantastic community of ExtJS developers and the support from Sencha (ExtJS’s parent company), ExtJS has a welcoming community of people who support one another on the forum, asking and answering regularly. 

Sencha also has enterprise-level support for its customers, which includes technical support and bug fixes so your team is never stuck on solving a critical issue and keeping your production down for very long. All this ensures that the team gets more time to build and release new features.

5. Documentation and adaptation

A developer’s best friend is documentation, but there is something even better than that. 

It’s documented and readable source code, which is an excellent source of understanding the inner workings of ExtJS. 

How many developers can debug programs and resolve bugs faster when they understand the internal components? Knowing the inner workings speeds up debugging and related developments because it teaches new developers how to write maintainable and clean code better.

We all have witnessed how fast technology evolves, and frameworks and libraries are no different. To stay relevant, one needs to keep learning and to adapt. 

Thanks to ExtJS and its long history, it has undergone many major revamps and releases, making a developer’s work harder because of the need to move from one version to another. 

This also means ExtJS developers are now very quick at adapting to new changes and evolving as the library evolves with time, which is a fundamental skill required to stay relevant in the tech industry.


In 2022, there is no shortage of JavaScript frameworks for web app development. 

Yet ExtJS has made a name for itself thanks to the incredible community and support around it and the continuous development done by maintainers to keep the framework up to date with the standards of the modern framework, allowing fast, efficient, and robust web app development.

ExtJS has been evolving for a decade,  and it now has its themes, build tool, IDE and code editor plugins, and a command tool to maintain a complete set of life-cycle management features.

There are many things about ExtJS that I could not cover in this blog, so I encourage you to explore ExtJS on your own. 

You can consult many guides to get started and play around with demos to get an idea for yourself.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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