5 Best URL Shortening Services Online


You may not be knowing of URL shortening but I can bet you that you click on these links every time you are online.  URL shorterner websites provides services to convert long URLs into short URLs .

Where are they used?

The URL shorteners are used when sharing links of websites on social media, mainly on Twitter which allows you to write only in the limit of 140 characters.

How they work?

They generate a unique short URLs and link it to the original URLs and store it in their database , so if a user click on the short URL you will be directed to the long URLs .

Does these link work forever ?

Some service provider claims that these URLs  never expire , but it is not true. Owner sites can remove any link if they want to or when it’s needed. While some URLs shortening website limit a life time of 5 minutes to up to 24 hour on a generated  URLs.

The Best  URLs Shortening Websites-

1. Goo.gl :

It was launched on 2012 by Google when services like these were on a rise. It is becoming quite popular these days . It allows you to track the number of click received on a  URLs .

2. Bit.ly:

It is the most popular and one of the oldest URL shortening service available online. It offers instant tracking , stats gain of URLs . It can also generate vanity URLs (example fossbyt.es) for a company or a brand.

3. Su.pr :

Su.pr is StumbleUpon’s official URL shortener. It has a scheduling feature and it will also tell you what is the best time to post online . It allows you to post on Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon at the same time.

4. Adf.ly :

If you want to earn some money along with shortening the URLs then this is for you. For every 1000 clicks on your shorten URLs they give you $4 ( That is a lot of money ). But I always tend to stay away from Adf.ly links as their ads are annoying.

5. T.co :

If you are a Twitter user than nothing can beat this.Twitter users don’t have to do anything. In fact twitter automatically generates the “t.co” link in a tweet. This service is provided by Twitter to prevent any spamming in its tweets. But the problem is , that it only shortens URLs of Twitter domains.


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Sagar Karira

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