5 Best Android Ear Trainer Apps For Musicians

Android Ear Trainer Apps
Musicians often wonder if they will ever be able to guess the pitch or chord of music correctly. While it may seem hard for a beginner, developing such skills is indeed possible through ear training. Ear training imparts the ability to identify the basic elements of music such as:

  • Chord recognition.
  • Interval recognition.
  • Functional pitch recognition.

Here at Fossbytes, we have prepared a compilation of 5 best Android ear trainer apps that will help you unleash the Mozart in you.

5 Best Android Ear Trainer Apps

1. My Ear Trainer

With more than 1,00,000 downloads, My Ear Trainer is an absolute necessity for anyone in the field of music. It helps to develop a good ear towards all key elements of music. The tutorial section enables the user to sing along a set of notes which helps to better memorize the intervals and the relation between them.

Comprehensive exercises are provided in intervals, scales, melodies, and chord progressions. Statistics of your progress is provided in every subsection. Boost your aural skills with this android ear trainer app and develop the skills to play along with any song you hear in the blink of an eye.

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2. Perfect Ear Trainer

With sound banks provided for piano, keyboard, and guitar, this application primarily focuses on intervals. Its simple interface has button layouts for all the notes in the chromatic scale. Two consecutive notes are played, and the user has to input the interval played with respect to the root note.

The ‘Select Intervals’ tab allows you to select the intervals you want to practice with. Every feature of this app fits into a single screen without compromising on its functionality.

3. Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer is a pocket companion for beginners. It has more than 150 progressive drills and 50+ drills aimed at beginners. Designed with a clean material design user interface, it makes you master every level before you move on to the next one. Additional sound banks for various instruments can be bought through in-app purchases.

4. Functional ear trainer

This application helps in building a strong base towards functional pitch recognition, i.e., the ability to identify a pitch in context of a key. It provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to follow the different levels of the application. The levels consist of major, minor, and chromatic scale with the basic levels in C scale.

The practice section allows you to create your own custom level with the ability to select the key type, tonic and the notes you want. The key type is restricted to only the major and minor scales, and hence this application is a must-have ear trainer for beginners. In-app purchases further allow you to practice in changing Beats Per Minute (BPM).

5. Chord Trainer Free

As the name suggests, chord trainer helps in developing a keen ear to identify chords. A unique feature of this app is that it plays the chords in two modes:

  • Broken mode: Playing through one note of a chord at a time.
  • Block mode: All the notes in a chord are played simultaneously.

Its quiz mode is progressively divided into triads, 7th chords, and extended chords so both beginners and intermediates can easily customize the options according to their needs.

Did you find this list of android ear trainer apps helpful? Share your reviews and suggestions in the comments below.

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