5 Anti-Riot Vehicles That Are A Dictator’s Dream

These anti-riot vehicles mean business.

anti-riot vehicles
Image: Pexels / Pixabay

There are bound to be some disagreements between the government and the governed at some point. When the people in the streets disagree with the people in power, they voice their complaints through protests. But sometimes, demonstrations of public discontent can turn dangerous in a split second.

Throughout history, we have witnessed that a moment of misfortune can tip the protest in the direction of a riot which can cause unnecessary violence and vandalism. And when push comes to shove, governments resort to sending anti-riot forces to stop the unrest.

A big part of the anti-riot support is its fleet of vehicles. In the video below, you can check out a video compilation of some intriguing anti-riot vehicles.

Anti-riot vehicles that can quell unrest easily

1. Survivor R

Image: RMMV

When it comes to trucks, the Survivor R, weighing in at 15 tons, is a leviathan, among others. It is a product of a collaboration between Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) from Germany and Achleitner from Austria. Its qualities can detect and sustain nuclear contamination, chemical agents, and biological agents.

2. Bozena riot control

bozena riot system
Image: Bozena

Bozena Riot System is an anti-riot vehicle built by Bozena with inputs from the Slovak Police Corps. It is engineered with crowd-control features such as a water cannon and an attached shield/barrier. These built-in tools help the vehicle disperse aggressive crowds and direct them toward a safe zone. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to remove obstacles from its path, thanks to the shield and blade attachments.

3. VID12000S

Image: Soframe

Soframe’s VID 12000S is a heavily armored truck with a couple of water cannons at the top. These cannons come in handy for disrupting angry mobs and can spray water, dyes, gas, etc. Credit to its virtually impenetrable body, it can survive explosives as well.

4. Sting riot control

sting riot control
Image: Saied Hej YouTube channel

Not many anti-riot vehicles look as daunting as the Sting riot control vehicle. It is an armored truck that sports an obstacle remover at the front. Importantly, it employs an extendable mechanical arm to house its fully-rotational water cannon, which allows it to spray the liquid at different heights. This arm can also be controlled using a remote control.

Additionally, there is a second water cannon behind the ram, pepper spray/tear gas release points all around the body, and shields on either side of the vehicle.

5. Multi-functional anti-riot vehicle

Image: Ampuh Jaya Wicaksana YouTube channel

This anti-riot vehicle packs an array of crowd-handling features, doing justice to its name. It contains a steel barrier compatible with remote control at the back. On top of that, there is also a water turret on the roof of the armored truck, which sprays on targets behind it. It has got a pair of water turrets for clearing out the way ahead as well. In addition, there’s an obstacle remover and three water release points at the front.

So, these are some of the more advanced anti-riot vehicles that exist today. If you want to read more about off-beat vehicles, check out the weirdest ways to travel in the world.

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