5 Anti-Flood Inventions To Save Your House From Becoming Atlantis

These protective barriers stand strong against rough waters.

Water-Gate Flood Barrier anti-flood tech
Image: floodprotectionsolutions.co.uk

Rivers have held a pivotal status for humans since time immemorial. Countless civilizations emerged on river banks across the world, and many of them prospered next to these bustling streams of water. Whereas on the other hand, certain cities also saw destruction at the hands of river floods.

As temperatures keep rising around the globe, ice-capped mountains and glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. This, in turn, gives rise to water levels everywhere, posing danger to coastal and riverside cities. The increasing number of floods in various countries is a big instance of this threat.

Fortunately, technology is keeping up with these environmental changes. There are certain anti-flood inventions making it possible to prevent loss of life and property at the time of floods. Here’s a video compilation showing some of the most innovative anti-flood technology.

Anti-flood inventions that keep your property dry

1. NOAQ Boxwall

noaq boxwall
Image: flooddefensegroup.com

Boxwall is an anti-flooding barrier from manufacturer NOAQ. It offers optimal protection for small-to-medium areas by preventing the water from breaching it. Assembled by attaching individual units, the chained barricade is easy to use and easy to clean as well. Moreover, it is can be stored in a small space such as a car’s trunk. At just 14lbs or 6.35kg, the equipment is extremely lightweight, too.

2. Water-Gate Flood Barrier

Image: floodprotectionsolutions.co.uk

If setting up a barricade is too much effort for you, why not just roll it out — no, we’re not kidding. Thanks to the Water-Gate Barrier, setting up flood protection is as easy as rolling out a mat. It’s a sturdy and long-lasting anti-flood equipment that you can save an entire street from being flooded. The main end of the barrier has ballast that stops the water from flowing excessively beyond a certain point.

3. Dam Easy Flood Barrier

dam easy
Image: dameasyfloodbarriers.com

The Dam Easy Flood Barrier is meant to safeguard the entry points of a house, such as a gate or a door. It’s a highly portable and effective barrier that seals a door’s gaps completely, thanks to the pneumatic pump action seal. Additionally, buyers can even order Dam Easy barriers having custom dimensions to meet their needs.

4. Floodguard Slot-in Barrier

flood guard slot in barrier
Image: aquobex.com

Floodguard Slot-in Barrier is a high-quality and high-performance flood barrier from Aquobex that can secure a relatively large area. It consists of aluminium beams whose thickness and height can go up to 100mm and 6ft, respectively. Therefore, it’s suitable for a range of places from shopping complexes to loading bays. On top of that, these beams can also be locked in place to ward off possible theft.

5. Self Closing Flood Barrier

self closing flood barrier
Image: floodproofing.com

This is yet another flood-resistant protection for a home, but its USP is that it can activate on its own. In other words, the Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) unfurls automatically as soon as it detects floodwater. Since the barrier only rises up when there’s a flood, it’s almost invisible on a regular day. Also, it stays put at a specific spot, so there’s no need for off-site storage either.

Although these are some commendable anti-flood systems, they are only as good as they are easily accessible. Currently, only a limited number of authorities and consumers use any of these devices. The outreach should improve as these devices prove effective and become more popular.

Now that you have seen the emerging tech shielding us from unruly waters, check out these equally ingenious machines that counter fires.

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