4 Tips For Landing Your Dream Job From A Googler Who Interned At Facebook And Apple


Short Bytes: Getting your dream job at a big tech company isn’t easy. There are many hurdles in the process that one needs to remove with the help of proper guidance and advice. A Googler who interned at Apple and Facebook, advises the aspirants to practice interviews, indulge in networking, and learn from failures to achieve success.

In the past, we’ve brought you updates on the most interesting interview questions asked by technology giants like Google, FacebookApple, etc. It goes without saying that most of these questions are too challenging to answer without proper preparation.

Here, I’m going to share a few pieces of advice from Lea Coligado, who applied to more than 20 tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., while she was at Stanford. Her dream company was Google.

Talking to Business Insider, she said that it seemed like everyone around her was either trying to work for Google or start the next one. After facing internship rejections from Google two years in a row and gathering tons of interviewing experience, she completed internships at Apple and Facebook.

By the time she was a senior, Google had contacted her and offered a full-time software engineer position.

Here are her four best tips for landing a dream tech job/internship:

1. Practice the interview

This solid advice always works, no matter in what industry you’re. For engineering jobs, technical interviews become even more crucial. To tackle that, Coligado advises one to ask a peer to play interviewer for an hour and practice whiteboarding.

2. Ask for help

Networking is very important. If you don’t know anyone at the target company, find a recruiter’s email on the web and ask for help. Coligado says that as a candidate, you’re entitled to ask questions.

3. Avoid obsessing over things that are out of your control

Very often we tend to pay tons of attention to the things that are out of our control. She says that if you feel like you’re being evaluated for anything (race, gender, clothes, etc.) beyond knowledge and teamwork, the problem isn’t yours.

4. Celebrate small successes, learn from failures

Coligado advises that one must celebrate little victories. If you had a failure, you need to evaluate the shortcomings and fix them.

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