470,000 Files: CIA Releases 321GB Digital Library Of Osama Bin Laden

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A laptop or computer that has regular stuff like movies, memes, videos, etc., becomes a lot more interesting when you know that it belonged to Osama Bin Laden. In order to enhance transparency and public understanding of Al Qaeda and its former leader, the CIA has released to the public about 470,000 additional files captured during May 2011 raid on Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

Before you go ahead and start exploring the archive, don’t forget to read this statement from CIA: “While the files underwent interagency review, there is no absolute guarantee that all malware has been removed.”

This release has been called “additional” because some other material has been released earlier by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The new release is about 321GB big and includes documents, images, videos, audio recordings, etc. Without a surprise, it also contains Al Qaeda propaganda and planning documents, drafts of such videos, and home videos of Laden’s son Hamza.

“Today’s release of recovered al-Qa‘ida letters, videos, audio files and other materials provides the opportunity for the American people to gain further insights into the plans and workings of this terrorist organization,” said CIA Director Pompeo.

The released material also contains software operating system files, copies of movies, pornography, malware, etc. Some sensitive materials are being withheld from the release.

CIA has also shared the list of copyrighted videos and movies like Cars, Ice Age, The Story of India, The Three Musketeers, etc.

A big portion of the released material is the cached webpages and other internet content that Bin Laden viewed offline. There are scans of newspapers, textbooks, magazines, as well.

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