27 Toughest Questions Asked At Airbnb Job Interviews

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Airbnb, a small-term rental platform, is one of the most respectable tech companies witnessing an unprecedented growth at the moment. This company keeps topping different yearly lists of best tech companies to work for.

The process of getting a job at this $100+ billion company is pretty standard and similar to companies like AppleFacebook, Uber, etc.

If you are obsessed with traveling and want to work at Airbnb, you’ll have to face some tricky questions. Using Glassdoor‘s information, Business Insider has compiled some of the trickiest questions asked at Airbnb interviews.

These questions asked to different types of candidates will surely give you a hard time. Take a look:

Best Airbnb Job Interview Questions

Question #1

If you had to teach or give a TED talk, what subject would you talk about?

(Customer Experience Specialist candidate)

Question #2

What position am I interviewing you for?

(Engineer candidate)

Question #3

What would you say at Airbnb’s funeral?

(Marketing candidate)

Question #4

What was the last gift you gave to someone? 

(Designer candidate)

Question #5

The host’s dog defecates in the guest’s suitcase on a dress/suit. What do you say? 

(Customer Experience Specialist candidate)

Question #6

What would you do with a million dollars? 

(Recruiting coordinator candidate)

Question #7

What impact has the internet had on the world? Positive or negative?

(Account Manager candidate)

Question #8

What do you do if a guest is kicked out by a host and need to retrieve her belongings?

(Trust and Safety Manager candidate)

Question #9

Have you ever developed a meaningful or lasting friendship with someone who you met briefly in an informal setting, like riding on the bus?

(Customer Experience Specialist candidate)

Question #10

If you could pick one public person to embody who you stand for, who would that be?

(Junior Account Executive candidate)

Question #11

Don’t you think I’d be a great Airbnb host? 

(Community Manager candidate)

Question #12

Given a dictionary, and a matrix of letters, find all the words in the matrix that are in the dictionary.

(Software Engineer candidate)

Question #13

What is the craziest idea you’ve ever had? 

(Accounting candidate)

Question #14

How would you explain Airbnb to your grandmother? 

(Customer Service Representative candidate)

Question #15

How would you be able to survive a plane crash? 

(Trust and Safety Investigator candidate)

Question #16

Tell me something extraordinary you did in the past month. 

(Customer Experience Specialist candidate)

Question #17

How lucky are you and why? 

(Content Manager candidate)

Question #18

How do you cut a round cake into 8 equal pieces using just 3 strokes of a knife? 

(Customer Experience Representative candidate)

Question #19

Describe what happens when you enter a URL in the web browser. 

(Software Engineer candidate)

Question #20

What can you teach me in a few minutes? 

(Software Engineer candidate)

Question #21

What would your peers/ex-coworkers say is the biggest misconception about you? 

(Country Manager candidate)

Question #22

What would you write on the tombstone of the current hotel industry? 

(IT candidate)

Question #23

A customer calls and says there is almost pornographic photos in their host’s home. They feel very uncomfortable and these photos were not represented in the Airbnb listing. How can you help the guest?

(Customer Experience Specialist candidate)

Question #24

Please address entire company in an email and let them know why we are discontinuing ordering Unicorn from the menu. 

(Food and Beverage Manager candidate)

Question #25

When you walk into a room, what would be your theme song? 

(Marketing candidate)

Question #26

Tell me a joke.

(Customer experience lead candidate)

Question #27

If you were a gerbil, which gerbil would you be?

(Software engineer candidate)

Did you find these Airbnb interview questions interesting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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