26-year-old Hacker Sent To Jail For 334 Years, Highest Ever For A Cybercriminal


hacker convicted 334 yearsShort Bytes: A young Turkish hacker namedOnur Kopçak was sentenced to 334 years in prison. The cyber criminal was convicted for credit card fraud, impersonating bank websites, and other similar crimes. Due to his long list of crimes, Onur Kopçak now sits atop of the list of convicted hackers with the biggest ever prison sentence.

A 26-year-old hacker, Onur Kopçak, from Turkey, was sentenced to 135 years in prison on Sunday for stealing 11 people’s credit card information. This new prison sentence is served on top of his previous 199-year sentence from 2013. As a result, Kopçak will now serve a record 334 years in prison.

This new sentence hs been approved by Mersin third Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction where he was accused of selling the stolen credit card records to other cyber criminals. He is already convicted for running a phishing scam that used fake bank websites to steal online banking credentials of 43 bank customers.

The hacker was accused of charges like identity fraud, website forgery, wire fraud, and access device fraud. As the investigation of his previous case proceeded, 11 cases were filed against him by the banks that earned him an extra 135 years in prison.

The Turkish media website Daily Sabah writes that Onur Kopçak currently resides in the Osmaniye prison in southern Adana province.

334 years – Biggest ever sentence given to a hacker accused of cybercrime

“In 2013, Kopçak was sentenced to 199 years 7 months and 10 days in prison by the Criminal Court of Appeals for the 8th circuit after 43 bank customers had filed complaints about their credit card details being copied,” the Turkish media website adds.

In the recent years, trend has changed and cyber criminals are now charged more often, but the Turkish hacker outdid the others. Thanks to his long list of crimes, Onur Kopçak now sits atop of the list of hackers with the biggest ever prison sentence.

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