2022 Honda Civic Prototype Unveiled: How Is It Different From 2021 Model?


The 2022 Honda Civic breaks cover as the automaker revealed the prototype of its best-selling sedan in the U.S. It’s the 11th generation of Honda Civic and will hit the roads in late spring 2021.

Honda generally launches prototypes instead of concept cars as the prototypes are more like the production-ready models. However, the automaker still says the production model may vary from the images.

In November 2020, the automaker shared the first glimpse of the 11th generation Honda Civic through its Twitter handle. Though it was the first event for the upcoming Honda Civic, and the images shown were prototypes, it’s enough to spot some of the major design changes.

Similar to the 2021 model, the new Honda Civic line-up will include a Civic Sedan, Hatchback, Si, and Type R.

However, it’s quite different in terms of looks from the 2021 Honda Civic. Let’s explore a bit and see what’s new in the new Honda Civic.

2022 Honda Civic Prototype Vs 2021 Honda Civic

Image: Honda Motor Company

Exterior Changes

Unlike the previous generation, the 2022 Honda Civic looks a bit less aggressive and more mature in design. However, it still looks sporty and muscular as always.

The automaker says, the 2022 Honda Civic is getting sophisticated new styling, upgraded body, and chassis.

Image: Honda Motor Company

If we get a little more specific then, the new Honda Civic’s hood looks lower and longer than the 2021 model. The pillars and the windshield are also pushed back a bit, contributing to a longer bonnet. Furthermore, the C pillar seems slightly lower, making it look more like a luxury sedan.

If we talk about the front, the new Civic now flaunts a hexagonal grill on the lower bumper, which is absent in the current model. The headlights are sleekier and cleaner than the current generation.

Moving towards the rear profile, the taillights are inspired by the signature C shape lights. However, it looks a bit softer and blunt compared to the 2021 Honda Civic.

Interior Changes

According to the prototype images, we can say that position of the infotainment screen and AC vents is different now. The automaker has introduced a floating screen, and right below seems the AC vents stretched throughout the dashboard.

Honda Civic
Image: Honda Motor Company
2022 Honda Civic (Left), 2021 Honda Civic (Right)

In the existing 2021 model, the AC vents are on top of the dashboard, and the HD screen is placed below it in the center console.

In addition, the cup holder is now adjacent to the gear lever, whereas, in the current generation, it’s before the transmission stick. However, the interior door handles and the power window buttons look pretty much the same.

Furthermore, the new interior seems to have a completely black theme instead of the dual tone interior in the previous model.


2022 Honda Civic engine_ powertrain
Image: Honda

At the time of its world premiere, the automaker had only revealed the appearance of the 11th generation Civic and there was no announcement about the engine options.

However, according to sources, the 2022 Honda Civic will carry on the same set of engine options as in 10th generation model.

This means it’ll be equipped with 2.0-liter four-cylinder NA and 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engines.

Currently, the 2.0-liter NA engine makes about 158 HP and 187 Nm of torque whereas the 1.5-liter turbo produces 174 HP and 219 Nm of torque.

However, it’s quite possible that the automaker can make few modifications or slightly tune engines in a different way to make them more efficient and powerful.

Transmission System

Similar to the engine options, the transmission system too will remain unchanged in the new Honda Civic. The 2022 Civic will only be equipped with a Continuous Variable Transmission System (CVT).

This might upset a few customers as there are people who prefer DCT and manual transmission. We believe it will be better if the company provides multiple transmission options.

2022 Honda Civic Price

Honda has remained tight-lipped about the pricing as well. However, the price of the current model starts at $21,250. We hope the starting price of the 2022 Honda Civic will be somewhere around $22,000-23,000.

Since, the automaker has only revealed a prototype image, some of the 2022 Honda Civic specifications can change by the time of launch.

Apart from this, Honda said in a press release that the new Civic is also receiving a digital dash plus active and passive safety system for the first time.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Share your views in the comments section below.

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