1btn: A Powerful, Open Source, And Hackable Button For The Internet


1btn internet button open source iot wifiShort Bytes: 1btn is your do-it-all button for the internet. This tiny open source device can be used to perform multiple online tasks and control your home automation systems. This Wi-Fi enabled device doesn’t need any smartphone app to operate and comes with a rechargeable battery.

You might be knowing about Amazon’s Dash that re-reorders household supplies with just a click. While it has limited functionality, the open source 1btn is capable to things a whole lot more range of things.

It’s an open source Wi-Fi button that remains connected to the internet and help you execute your tasks by creating shortcuts. The device performs the assigned tasks, tells you the results with the help of its colorful LEDs and goes back to sleep.

This operates on an easy-to-use web-based interface. As soon as your turn on this device, it creates a Wi-Fi hotspot. All you need to do is connect a device to this hotspot, fire up a web browser, and direct it to 1btn’s inbuilt web server.

Using the internet, 1btn allows your to send an e-mail, tweet, text message and more. The device uses out-of-the-box service Twilio to perform many tasks. You can also set up URL-based actions like calling an Uber or controlled your home’s temperature.

If you are willing to use it for more complex projects, IFTTT and other APIs have got your covered.1btn parts

Hacking made easier with open source 1btn

This device comprises of fully open source hardware and software. This allows you to hack and customize it according to your needs. Unlike other IoT buttons, 1btn doesn’t need any smartphone app.

Talking about the power, it has hs a rechargeable battery that can be used for up to 3 tasks. Instead of establishing a continuous Wi-Fi connection, it only turns on its radio when you press 1btn to perform some task.

Know more about 1btn here.

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