Google Shuts Down for a dayShort Bytes: What will happen if Google shuts down for a day. We went through different Quora answers and used our thoughts to curate a list of things that might happen when Google will not be functional on the internet for a day.

Google runs the most popular search engine service. In fact, most of its products like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Maps, etc. provide an unmatched user experience with a very high level of integration between them.

What if Google shutdowns for a day?

Google did shut down in the past. Not for a day, but for a few minutes and the internet went crazy. Well, it should be, considering Google’s fan following and loyalty of its users.

We found amazing answers on Quora about this topic. So, we thought to create our own list of things that might happen if Google goes out of service for a day. Here are the things that might happen if Google shuts down for a day.

No, Google Search

Most people use Google’s search to know about various things on the internet. Eliminating Google Search from their lives would be an act of treason.

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After Google goes off-service, the neat and clean looking DuckDuckGo, which does not track you, will lead the search business. Also, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which welcomes you with amazing background pictures, is another great replacement. Recently, Bing was successfully able to tell that one of its users had cancer.

This granny will not be able to make polite search requests on Google

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about May Ashworth who became an internet sensation and was thanked by Google for making the most polite search request. However, she has other alternatives other than Google.

You won’t feel Lucky while you search

Google I’m feeling lucky button introduces you to the world of amazing doodles. It also finds the best search result for your query in a single attempt. So, if no Google, no I’m feeling lucky button.

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Piracy will come down by a great magnitude

Being the most used search engine on the planet, its search results also displays tons of pirate links for the users. KickassTorrents and The Pirate Bay have become famous because their name comes at the top position in the search results.

Businesses might lose hard cash

Uncountable businesses use Google’s work apps for their business operations. Google going down for a day would increase the chances of financial loss to them.

Bad day for the bug bounty hunters

People who submit error reports to Google and get rewarded in return will have a dry day. That math is simple, no Google, no bugs, no bounty.

Google will also suffer

Google generates a huge amount of revenue from their advertisement platform. Shutting down for a day will not be good for their bank account. Also, a blackout day would also lead to a downfall in its stock prices.


Fear, outrage, and criticism on social media

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook will be flooded with people talking about Google. No comments about Google Plus.

Facebook might launch a search engine to take on Google

It’s no wonder Facebook might launch their own web search engine if they see the Optimus Prime going out of the internet. Their Graph-powered search engine already processes billions of Facebook related search requests.

Extensive news coverage

If the unbelievable day ever comes, it should be declared as the Google Shutdown Day. All the media houses will publish minute-by-minute coverage about Google’s shutdown for the day.

The letter G will be out of the Alphabet

Google created its own parent company last year. Alphabet’s naming convention involves companies from A to Z. So, the letter G will be out of it for a day.

Who’ll pay the goats

Google also hires goats, and I’m not kidding. These goats live at Google’s campus for about a week and mow the grass fields. Its the best of both worlds, goats get the grass and Google reduce carbon emission by ditching the gas-powered mowers. So, if Google won’t have the money, who pay the goats.

No Live Traffic Updates

Most smartphone users rely on Google Maps to commute around the city. And if someone lands up in a new city on the same day Google shuts down, then, may the Force be with him. Read about how does Google track live traffic here.

An apology letter

It’s obvious that Google will address an official apology letter explaining the reason for their shutdown and the assurance that they are working to fix the issue.

We hope that day never comes when we don’t have Google’s services with our morning coffee.

If you have something to add, tell us in the comments below.

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