15 Million T-Mobile Users’ Data Stolen From Experian Hack


t-mobile-hackShort Bytes: T-Mobile CEO John Legere has confirmed that its 15 million users’ database has been hacked as its credit vendor Experian experienced the latest security breach.

In yet another case of security breach, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has notified its users that the personal records of approximately 15 million people have been compromised. The news came as T-Mobile’s account vendor Experian experienced a security breach.

The information that has been exposed is the subscriber’s name, address, birthdate as well as social security number. According to Legere, all the data from September 1, 2013 to September 16, 2015 held by the company has been exposed to the attackers.

However, Legere was quick to assure the users that their bank account or credit card information was not compromised. Legere wrote a letter to consumers where he strongly resented about the security lapse saying, “I take our customer and prospective customer privacy VERY seriously”. 

The CEO of T-Mobile has promised to look through the issue and has set up a team to help the users with their queries relating to the hack and its impact on them.

Another attack was made on the crowdfunding site Patreon late Wednesday and the hackers have just made 15 GB of private information online.

The company has also offered two years of free credit monitoring and identity resolution services to all the concerned users. For more information check T-Mobile’s official blog.

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