15 Major PS5 Games Revealed In Sony’s Livestream Event


Recently, Sony did a live stream event to reveal the first look of PlayStation 5. Sony announced that PS5 would be available in Standard and Digital edition, which is quite unusual. Along with that, PlayStation fanatics also got to see cool PS5 accessories. In short, the PS5 games event surprised the entire gaming community.

However, other than revealing the sleek PS5, the event also announced a number of PlayStation 5 Games along with trailers. Some of the games that were announced were already rumored to be in production. If you’re still unaware of the PS5 games announced in the event, don’t worry, because we’ve mentioned every game on this list.

New PS5 Games Revealed

1. Returnal

Returnal is an upcoming PS5 game with a very similar concept to the movie Edge Of Tomorrow. The protagonist in the game is trapped in a constant cycle between life and death. Trapped in an unknown dangerous planet, the players come to life every time the character dies. So, even death isn’t an escape for the protagonist.

The game looks like a third-person shooter, but it is so much more than that. As of now, we have no particular release date for Returnal. However, after looking at the trailer, players are pretty much excited about the game.

2. Spiderman Miles Morales

Another Spiderman game is something that we didn’t expect to see this early. This time, we’ll be playing as Miles Morales and not Peter Parker. So, we will be playing as Spiderman in a different continuity.

The previous Spiderman game was a huge success. So, players have huge expectations for the next Spiderman game as well. Also, Spiderman Miles Morales will release in Holiday 2020. So, we’re not that far away from experiencing the game.

3. Destruction All-Stars

Destruction All-Stars in incredible looking action-packed Multiplayer racing game. Interestingly, players can get out of their car between the destructive races, so the gameplay is going to be brutal and full of rush. Also, the fact that it is a multiplayer game will make its gameplay a lot more fun that other traditional racing games.

4. Ratchet Clank RIFT Apart

By looking at the trailer of the next Ratchet Clank title, it’s safe to say that many gamers would be desperately waiting to try out this game. Jumping from one portal to another in the game shows exactly how powerful is PS5. The game looks extremely enjoyable, and we can’t wait for it to release.

5. Project ATHIA

First, let’s get it out of the bag that Project ATHIA is probably not the main title of the game. That is because the game is still in production and will not be out anytime soon.

Project ATHIA is developed by Square Enix, the same team that blessed us with Final Fantasy 7 remake. It is a fast-paced fantasy game with dark worlds and dangerous creatures. That’s all we can say about the game as of now.

6. Stray

In Stray, you play as a stray delivery cat who roams around to deliver packages. The game is set in an apocalyptic world where even robots are homeless. The game is expected to release in 2021, and it looks spectacular with stunning graphics. So, the game is going to be a classic title.

7. KENA: Bridge Of Spirits

In KENA: Bridge Of Spirits, you will play as a young enchantress who is trying to get rid of the evil from a beautiful forest. The game is set in a world that is massive and is very much detailed. Also, the cute helper spirits, The Riots, will make you remember Minions from Despicable Me.

8. Solar Ash

The trailer of Solar Ash, which will release in 2021, somehow reminds me of Samurai Jack cartoon. The entire look of Solar Ash’s colorful world looks very similar to the animation style of Samurai Jack. The game lets you journey through a surreal and mysterious landscape that hits you with something spectacular each second.

9. Little Devil Inside

As of now, there isn’t much to say about Little Devil Inside, other than the fact that the game will take us to different unforgettable environments. The protagonist of the game looks like a monster hunter who’ll face different enemies. In short, Little Devil Inside is a massive game that looks different in a good way.

10. Pragmata

Pragmata is another upcoming PS5 game that is probably based in the future. You play as an astronaut trying to save a young girl on Earth, which looks abandoned for some reason. You will also get to play on the Moon, so that’s pretty interesting. It’s hard to say anything about Pragmata this soon; however, the game looks fascinating.

11. Hitman 3

I know, you probably don’t need any convincing to play Hitman 3. The previous two Hitman games were legendary, and so will be the third one. Our favorite Agent 47 is presented with the biggest contract so that things will get difficult in Hitman 3. Sadly, we have to wait until January 2021 to get our hands on this game.

12. Demon’s Souls Remake

If you’ve played the classic Demon’s Souls game, then you probably need no introduction to this game. It is the modernized remake of the same classic Demon’s Souls game that will take over the gaming community as soon as it releases. Just be ready to step into a dark fantasy world expecting nothing but staggering gameplay and visuals.

13. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 will be a PS5 exclusive; that’s because Sony owns the game franchise. We can say that the game will have superfast racing cars with beautiful scenic tracks. There is no release date for the game as of yet, so the trailer is only the only thing we’ve got.

14. Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil Village is one of the major upcoming PS5 games announced in Sony’s event. Gaming enthusiasts didn’t expect to see the next Resident Evil game so soon. But hey, it’s a nice surprise, and we’re totally up for it. The new supernatural aspect, such as werewolves, adds so much to our excitement for the game.

15. Horizon 2: Forbidden West

Horizon: Zero Dawn was a single-player game that was a huge success. We knew that the sequel for the game is in the works, so we’re not surprised to witness the trailer of Horizon 2 in the PS5 event. This time, we’ll be taking our robotic dinosaurs to the west to save the world from an unknown threat.

So, those were the 15 major games announced in the PS5 event. However, the list doesn’t end here.

Other PS5 Games Announced In The Event.

As a bonus, I’ve mentioned the other games that Sony announced in the event. While some of these games were already confirmed to release for PS5, a few of them are completely fresh.

  1. Goodbye Volcano High
  2. Godfall
  3. Ghostwire: Tokyo
  4. Bugsnax
  5. Deathloop
  6. Jett: The Far Shore
  7. Oddworld: Soulstorm
  8. NBA 2K21
  9. Astro’s Playroom
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