120 FPS Gameplay And Other Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Features Revealed


Microsoft’s next-generation console, Xbox Series X, will provide one of the best backwards compatibility experiences ever offered in gaming consoles.

Following the trend of Xbox One console lineup, the Series X will offer backward compatibility option for games as old as Fable that launched with the original Xbox.

Additionally, the Xbox Series X will enhance the gameplay of older Xbox games as well, allowing them to run at 120 FPS, higher resolution, and even support High Dynamic Range or HDR.

Here are all the major enhancements for all older Xbox titles, which the upcoming Xbox Series X will provide.

Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Features

120 FPS Gameplay

Backward compatible games will run on the Xbox series X console by utilizing its full power. Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management for Xbox, confirmed this feature.

What this means is that older games, such as Assassins Creed Odyssey, CONTROL, etc., which were limited to 30 FPS on the Xbox One X, would be able to run at a much higher frame rate.

We saw how the Witcher 3 ran at 60 FPS and 1080p resolution on Xbox One X. Therefore, we should expect similar performance upgrades for backward compatible Xbox titles on the Series X gaming console.

Ronald confirmed that they are working on doubling the frame rate of select older Xbox titles.

4K Resolution

Not many games ran at native 4K resolution on the powerful Xbox One X, even with its 6 Teraflops GPU performance. However, with twice the GPU power at 12 Teraflops, the Xbox Series X would be able to run older titles at a higher resolution.

According to Microsoft, the bump in the resolution would not affect image quality in any way.

HDR Support

High Dynamic Range allows for better projection of details from dark and bright areas of a frame. In the Xbox Series X, even the old games that had no support for HDR will have enhanced image quality.

Games as old as the original Xbox titles launched 16 years ago will be given complete HDR treatment in the upcoming Xbox Series X.

Quick Resume Feature And Faster Load Time

The new custom SSD, along with the rest of the Xbox Series X hardware, will enable the new Quick Resume feature, allowing players to switch between two games and resume right from where they left the said game.

The SSD will allow for faster loading times. Even on the powerful Xbox One X, games like Witcher 3 take tens of seconds to load when fast-traveling or a new scene is being loaded. With the new SSD in the Xbox Series X, this loading time will be cut down heavily.

Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Features Final Thoughts

Recently in an interview, Mortal Komat game series creator Ed Boon discussed the power of next-gen gaming consoles. Boon said, “I think people are underestimating that impact the almost zero loading time is going to have.”

“That’s suddenly going to open doors that weren’t considered possible before, and I think we haven’t even scratched the surface of what will eventually be done with those systems.”

With such high praise, expectations for next-gen gaming consoles are high among fans. Alas, all shall be revealed come holiday 2020.

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