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Technology predictions 2016Short Bytes: Technologies like IOT, 3D printing, VR camera and Tesla skimmed through entire 2015. But which technology in 2016 is going to make the cut, it has to be seen. See our list of technology predictions for 2016 based upon our in-house research and analysis of current trends.

It’s very hard to predict the future of technologies over a year. We sometimes try to figure out what are the driving forces behind a cutting edge technology. Is it the speed of internet inundating the business world with loads of information through apps, widgets, and websites? Is it the Moore’s law or the number of transistors in an IC that are approximately doubling every two years, thus boosting up the speed of the hardware? Or is it the algorithms that are optimizing every single program to be faster, scalable and agile?

Wherever the path might lead to but, there is one common thing in every futuristic-looking technology, they are delivering them in different forms, like in terms of better service, better UI, fast application, Multi-tasking etc. Not to be denied, there are also some applications and technology which are meant to entertain us and serve our other purpose. But in a generic way, the technologies are surely going to make our lives easier, simpler or not is still a point of discussion.

So, here is a list of futuristic technologies of 2016 based upon our research and analysis of various trends:

Health and Technology are going to work side by side:

Image | Apple

Technology is soon going to monitor the health at the personal level as well as at the professional level. If we try to figure out the types of apps we get by default inbuilt in our mobile phones, at least, one of those would be a health monitoring app. The driving force of increasing health consciousness is creating the demand & supply chain for the consumers and nowadays, everyone likes to use a health monitoring app.

On the professional scale, remote surgery, laser therapy, painless injections and blood regulators are some of the exemplary advancements which the medical world has seen in last decade. There is more to come if the technology is going to help in catalyzing the research results in the medical field.


computer security

Cybersecurity would not be just about security perimeter being drawn along the fences of bank, research and high-value defense data, but it will eventually boil down to the personal level where everybody will get attentive towards personal identity over the internet. 2016 will see more advancements in the technologies which are capable of hiding one’s identity can keeping them anonymous. 2015 already have seen probable ban over Tor and MIT devising an anonymous messaging service. This is the beginning, it could be far more than it. People might not know but may be their personal home security camera is already hacked and going to someone who is planning a robbery or something.

Digital Assistants: Siri, Cortana, Facebook M And Google now

Image | fossBytes

Technology in 2016 is going to witness a huge surge in the personal digital assistance. More and more migration of internet user will lead to less text searching and more voice searching. Because it’s easier and saves a lot of typing time. Calender, inbox, reminders, alarm, health monitor, food maker, dishwasher, AC and almost everything will start assisting you digitally, so that you do not have to read a manual to use them. How about your personal digital assistant talking about the chances of careless driving on your behalf because you had a fun party last night?

New Silicon architecture is one its way:

Image | SMH

Researchers and scientists are working their head off to in devising something which is going to surpass the Moore’s law. Chip architectural design is already seeing a boost. Skyscraper kind of chips is soon going to replace the conventional chip and also replace silicon as the fundamental fabricating material with nano-materials. This would not only give an unbounded boost in the chip performance but also, will be easier to design and fabricate. Imagine your computer transferring data at one Tbps like a super computer in near future. Would not be a great thing to see live in front of our eyes?

Over the clouds:

cloud computing

Technology in 2016 is soon going to replace conventional server system. Everything would be online. It might happen that if you want to test your freshly written thousands of lines of code, you can offload them in a cloud server and get the result in a few seconds. Or even you can offload your newly developed game and test it online among volunteers. Movies, CV, seasons, Photographs, almost everything will be online and the computers will see more reduction in personal HDDs.

Who keeps the Mobile users happy?

flipkart lite
Image | Flipkart

Big game players like Facebook and Google will try to keep the Mobile users happy because future goes with the mobile. While Google is trying to cover the market with Android, Facebook is rolling out features after features and attracting billions of users every single day. If Google knows what on your phone then Facebook will know what are you looking for.

Predictive Analysis:

economic predictions

If it’s going to be the game of who engages more users then it will be the predictive analysis working in the background. Technology in 2016 will see companies focussing on software which can make predictions and based on that a user will be served ad, next video to play, search results, what to buy? What movie to see tonight? Which bar serves the best beer on Friday? Which colors of the suit girls like more on Friday dark midnight and much more. This predictive analysis will guide the upcoming trends in Terrorism, economic turbulence, health epidemic and political motivations based on the heavy data sampling and data learning programs running in the background.

IOT (Internet of Things):


There has been a lot of hype about IOT than work on the ground. But this technology in 2016 should be able to tell you the temperature of your blanket before you slip inside, or the amount of spice put in the curry based upon the chemical aroma spreading inside the room.

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Virtual reality:

Image | Facebook

‘Show them more and let them decide’ – this will be the marketing strategy of the video, cameras, film and gaming industry. 2015 has already seen Nokia launching OZO – the first professional VR camera, 360-degree video by Google, and 4K & 3D videos coming over YouTube. It might happen that you get a surround screen and you sit in the middle watching the whole movie from different angles in surround sound. No wonders. 3D would soon be a pass.

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Bloggers and Blockers:


Simply, some sites don’t open if you have an ad blocker installed. Before this technology of blocking the ads was born, brands were happy, writers fully utilized the freedom of expression, and the sites were happy. But, the user was very unhappy and then the ad blockers was first born. And the whole industry took a U-turn. Let’s see where the idea of the free open internet and ad blocks lead to in 2016.

3D Printing:

Image | Intel

3D printing has been one of the technologies constantly searched throughout 2015. Though many people wonder about this technology, let’s see how far this goes on the list of success.

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What do you think, according to you, which technology is surely going to trend in 2016? Let’s find out the your views.

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