11 Questions That Were Asked at SpaceX Internship Interviews


spacex-intern-question-employeeShort Bytes: Cracking the interview process and interning at the top-notch companies like Google, Tesla or Airbnb is a tough process. The recruitment process of these companies is very rigorous and it ensures that only the best talent is hired. In this article, we have brought to you the SpaceX internship interview questions that were asked previously.

Elon Musk is known for his revolutionary endeavors like SpaceX and Tesla. Recently, he mocked Apple by calling it a graveyard of Tesla engineers. Along the similar lines, you shouldn’t expect an easy life as an intern at the Elon Musk’s organization.

Each year, more than 700 hard-working interns join the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. They work for 80-hour workweeks at about $22/hour, giving their input in departments like dynamics, launch operations, manufacturing, avionics and information systems.

To crack the tough interview process as a SpaceX intern, you should be ready to face some grilling questions. The hiring process involves two in-depth phone interviews during which the candidates need to answer questions like the ones mentioned below.

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These SpaceX internship interview questions were found on Glassdoor. Take a look:

  • “What are composites?”
  • “What is the size of an integer on a 32-bit system?”
  • “Let’s say you have a variable ‘var’ assigned to be ‘2’. What will display if you print ‘var++’? If you print ‘++var’ on the next line, what will be displayed? What is the final value of ‘var’?”
  • “What is a null pointer?”
  • “If you have a large, heavy object moving very, very fast, how do you safely slow it down?”
  • “How would you go about a design for an electrical harness to protect it from a sharp object falling from above?”
  • “Imagine a cantilever beam fixed at one end with a mass = m and a length = L. If this beam is subject to an inertial force and a uniformly distributed load = w, what is the moment present at a length of L/4?”
  • “How would you find a cycle in a singly-linked list?”
  • “What happens when you run a high current (spot welding) through a nickel piece touching a copper piece?”
  • “One side of a beam is attached to a wall and the other is free. If a force is applied, where would it break, and what would you need to know to determine the force that would break the beam?”
  • “Describe the design process of a series of pipes to be used in a rapid fueling system for a liquid propellant rocket engine. Be sure to include which equations would be best for the case at hand for fluid pressure calculations and structural considerations.”

Did you find these SpaceX internship interview questions impressive? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: BI

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