Top 10 Most Google Searched Tech Gadgets of 2015


Short Bytes: 2015 has been a great year of tech gadgets launches. The world saw the launch of some of the most awaited devices from top companies like Apple and Samsung. In this article, we bring you the list of 10 most Google searched tech gadgets of 2015 from all around the world.

The year 2015 is just about to get over. Throughout the year, we saw a variety of gadgets making an appearance in the market. Some of these were received with open arms, while others were bashed big time.ere is a comprehensive list of most search tech gadgets in this year of 2015:

Based upon the Google search data, here is a comprehensive list of most search tech gadgets in this year of 2015. Take a look:

iPhone 6s:

iPhone 6s google search 2015

iPhone 6s tops the chart with 41 million searches just alone in September. Because of its scheduled launch in September 2015, Google search for iPhone 6s started picking up from August 2015. From around 8.8 million in August, the number of searches jumped to around 41.4 million in September 2015.

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Apple watch:

Apple watch google search 2015

If we see the chart of Google searches, Apple Watch was one of the most searched terms throughout the year of 2015. 17 million was the minimum searches that Apple Watch saw in the month February 2015. However, Apple Watch was able to remain afloat throughout the year, unlike other devices. It can be surely said that Apple Watch was the product people took interests in, throughout the year. The highest number of searches for Apple Watch was around 28 million in March 2015.

Samsung galaxy S6:


Samsung galaxy S6 was scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of the year. The Google search for Samsung Galaxy S6 starting picking up in February with around 8.1 million and around 21 million in March 2015. However, unlike iPhone 6s, people interest didn’t drop drastically and Samsung Galaxy S6 remained afloat for next two to three months in Google search.

Nexus 6:

Google Nexus 6 Google search 2015

Google’s Nexus devices are mostly launched with the newer version of Android operating system. This year saw the rollout of Android M (Android Marshmellow). There were two reasons behind Nexus 6 being searched more: 1. It’s a Google product and 2. It always comes out with the newer version of Android OS. Most numbers of searches for Nexus 6 was over 14 million in the month of October 2015.

Microsoft Surface:

Microsoft surface google search 2015

After the Launch of Windows 10, Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft surface laptops. Microsoft surface laptops remained afloat in Google search because it was company’s first ever laptop. Microsoft Surface was searched the most over 14 million in the month of October 2015.

iPad pro:

iPad pro Google search 2015

Launched with iPhone 6s in November, saw two surges in the search graph for iPad pro. Being remained almost constant searched throughout, Google searches for iPad pro suddenly rose in September because of its launch and then saw another bigger spike touching over 11 million in November 2015 for searches related to iPad pro.

LG G4:

LG G4 google search 2015

LG G4 saw a complete change in user search pattern. While devices like iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6 saw bigger spikes in the month of their launches, LG G4 search was almost constant throughout the year. The average searches were around over 10 million from the month of April to November 2015. However, the largest searches for LG G4 were over 10 million in November 2015.

Samsung Galaxy J5:

Samsung Galaxy J5 google search 2015

Because of its low price, Samsung Galaxy J5 remained searched throughout the year just like LG G4. One common search pattern for Samsung devices was that the devices were searched using their model names. The highest search for Samsung Galaxy J5 was over 10 million in November 2015.

HTC One M9:

HTC One M9 Google search 2015

Like other devices, HTC One M9 was also launched in the month of March 2015. But it looks like that the launch of this device was overshadowed by other devices in the same month. HTC One M9 could not make it beyond 10 million in a single month search. I think, HTC should schedule their launch more wisely from next time. The highest number of searches was above 7 million in March 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Samsung Galaxy note 5 google search 2015

Surprising fact about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that it was most searched using the term ‘Note 5’ over Google. While other devices were searched using their fully qualified names like iPhone 6s, LG G4. Anyway, even though Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was one among the most searched devices but it could not even cross 5 million searches in a single month in 2015. The highest number of searches of Note 5 was above 3.6 Million in August 2015.

So, what do you think who made out the most in the market? Apple, Google, Samsung or Microsoft?

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