10 Biggest Things That Happened At Microsoft Build 2017 Day 1


Short Bytes: Microsoft kicked off its annual developer conference, Build, with style in Seattle. Focused at developers, many announcements were made that revolved around fields like Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge, IoT, databases, etc. Microsoft also revealed that Windows 10 is being used by 500 million monthly users. 

10 Most Exciting Announcements at Microsoft Build Day 1

1. Windows 10 hits 500 million users

When Windows 10 was launched, Microsoft set an eye at 1 billion users by 2018. But, looking at the slowed growth, this number seems unlikely. However, since hitting 400 million users in last September, the company has attracted 100 million users and the total count is now 500 million.

2. Cosmos DB makes debut

At Build 2017, Microsoft launched Cosmos DB. This successor of DocumentDB is aimed at being more flexible and scalable, catering to the demands of a global audience. Microsoft calls it “industry’s first globally distributed, multi-model database service that delivers horizontal scale with guaranteed uptime, throughput, consistency and millisecond latency at the 99th percentile.”

3. Azure Batch AI Training

Currently in private preview, Microsoft’s Azure Batch AI Training is the new Azure offering. Just like its name suggests, developers and data scientists can configure test environment and run their models against multiple CPU and GPUs.

4. Visual Studio for Mac generally available

Out of the preview, Visual Studio for Mac is now generally available. It will let the developers on Mac platform to work seamlessly across different environments.

5. Azure IoT Edge

Microsoft also introduced Azure IoT Edge, a technology that extends the intelligence and benefits of cloud computing to edge devices.

6. Microsoft Teams apps

Now any developer can publish apps for Teams, which will be in Office Store. In coming days, apps in Teams will be more discoverable. Devs can also now add new capabilities to Teams app.

7. New MySQL- and PostgreSQL-managed services

MySQL and PostgreSQL have now got official Azure support. These paid services will give developers more choice and flexibility on the platform. These services also promise high scalability and availability, minimal downtime, data retention, and recovery.

8. Cortana Skills Kit now in public preview

By making bots and publishing to the Cortana channel of the Microsoft Bot Framework. Available in public preview in the US, the Cortana Skills Kit is available in Windows 10, iOS, Android, and new Cortana powered Invoke speakers.

9. Full cloud-based Bash shell in Azure

At the first day of Microsoft Build 2017, Microsoft brought a full Bash shell to the Azure portal, a feature that was loved by the developers. Access to this shell is also available in all Azure mobile apps and it’ll be soon coming to PowerShell.

10. Safety with the help of AI in every workplace

At the conference, Microsoft demonstrated how smart AIs could help make workplaces safer. Using different services like Azure Stack, Azure IoT edge, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and smart cameras, the upcoming hazards can be avoided.

Did you find these developments at the first day of Microsoft Build 2017 exciting? Don’t forget to share your views.

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