1.2 Billion Passwords Hacked, One of the Biggest in Recent Times!


Earlier this week THE NEW YORK TIMES reported one of the biggest hacks in history of internet of recent times. The Millwaukee based security firm, Hold Security uncovered a Russian hack which has risked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords, and more than 500 millions email addresses. Gang named CyberVor hacked more than 4.5 billion records and 1.2 billion passwords. All over the word there are 2.9 billion internet users, so today in every mind a question of possible data compromise has found its place. “If it gets into another’s hands on this black market these people can use the credentials to get into any account that had been compromised. And because people reuse their passwords, in many cases these credentials may lead to other information, including very private personal data,” Hold Security CEO Holden said. He said it took the company seven months to uncover one criminal gang responsible for the hacking,a gang of 10 or 11 hackers he has dubbed CyberVor. Vor is Russian for thieves. “My company, Hold Security, works on monitoring the cybercriminal underground and trying to recover some of our clients’ stolen data and also warn our clients before something bad happens to them, before the data goes missing. In the course of this investigation that took seven months, we were able to research this particular gang and find this staggering discovery,” he said. So far 2014 has seen some other brutal incident of Heartbleed virus attack and data breaches in organization like Ebay, Envernote and Domino’s pizza. So it’s important for the users to take extra security measures like using a secure password manager and multiple authentication methods to ensure secure internet experience. Apart from this user should regularly check his/her account for unusual activities.

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Arpit Verma

Arpit Verma

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